Day 21: Ben Hope

This was my third ascent of what had been my first Munro.

It’s a great hill, gradual and steep in equal measure. It was also a delight to have good friends and family join me for this grand finale.

It was because of the scheduled Ben Hope Christian Aid walk that I’d concocted this crazy plan to walk from Glasgow to the far north of Scotland.


And it was because of working for  Christian Aid that I’d become acutely aware of how many people across the world were having to make perilous and challenging journeys not because of the need to push themselves out of their comfort zone or set themselves a goal but because they didn’t have a choice. Conflict or a complexity of circumstances had forced them to flee and often to an existence barely better than what they had left.

I was fundraising for that refugee cause while I journeyed my own internal transformation towards the hope that another way and world is possible. This is a short film I made for colleagues in Latin America to share something of the overall experience:

Why I walked.

And now two years on having finished this blog I get ready for the next adventure. Married life on Mull. I’m looking forward to exploring the mountains, sea and beaches of this wonderful island and hope to share many more adventures on this wandering occasional blog.